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TBN company

TBN company welcomes foreign companies and pleased to offer cooperation in the field of freight-forwarding and customs brokerage services. Our company is a reliable, professional, solvent partner with a significant business volume and a good credit historyMoreover, we can offer reasonable tariffs thanks to long-term agreements with:

  • airlines operating in Boryspil, Lviv and Odessa;
  • sea lines in the biggest ports of Odessa and Chornomorsk;
  • reliable trucking companies.

Our staff in airports and ports can handle your shipments at any time of the day even on the weekend or holidays upon request. TBN company is officially certified and licensed in logistics and transportation (i.e. Air services sale certificate, Customs broker agency certificate, Customs brokerage license), and is also a member of AIFFU and FIATA. We are open for dialogue and cooperation with freight-forwarding companies if they share the same values as we do: quality, expertise and credibility. Foreign companies very often face difficulties when importing goods to Ukraine. Customs clearance procedures in Ukraine can be complicated for foreigners and may lead to penalties and even return of cargo. TBN company will become your guide in the field of customs clearance and preparation of all necessary documents. As soon as the customs clearance is completed we’ll deliver the shipment directly to consignee and provide you with a POD (proof of delivery). Personal dialogue is of great importance to us. Our freight specialists will always provide customer support and innovative logistics solutions.

We offer a complete range of domestic and international shipping services including:

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Road freight
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Live animal transportation
  • Shipping of dangerous goods, perishables, exhibition goods
  • Transportation of personal effects
  • Transportation of cultural values, antiques
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance
  • Packing services

If any of services you need is missing or you have a request or an offer please contact us. 

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скайп: tbncom12
эл. адрес: tbncom12@ukr.net

Менеджер направления
скайп: tbncom12
эл. адрес: tbncom12@ukr.net

Менеджер направления
скайп: tbncom12
эл. адрес: tbncom12@ukr.net

Менеджер направления
скайп: tbncom12
эл. адрес: tbncom12@ukr.net

Менеджер направления
скайп: tbncom12
эл. адрес: tbncom12@ukr.net