международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов ENG  международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов ES  международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов УКР международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов РУС  международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов GER  
международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов
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Международная перевозка грузов и международные грузоперевозки в\из Украины


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Международные грузоперевозки и международная перевозка грузов

TBN company USA

expand your business with our experts

Expand your international business with TBN company experts

We provide international shipping services in the regions of the world:

Air cargo Air cargo

The minimum rates. We work directly with general agents of airlines with minimal tariffs and a flexible system of discounts for air cargo. 

The safety of air cargo. By being directly at the cargo terminal, we provide reception / delivery of cargo to airlines, which allows us to process both general cargo and special: valuable, dangerous, dual-use and others. Our agents fully control the safety of the cargo. 

Customs clearance. If necessary, we carry out customs clearance. 

A wide affiliate network allows us to guarantee fast and high-quality service. 

Preliminary miscalculation, operational booking, real-time request for the status of cargo location. 

Sea cargo Sea cargo

Full Container (FCL) 

Shipping of next containers: 20 'STANDART, 40' STANDART, 40 'HIGH CUBE, 45' HIGH CUBE. Sea container transportation of goods is carried out by the leading shipping companies CSCL, COSCO, WANHAI, OOCL, MSC, YANGMING, PIL, EVER GREEN, MAERSK, CMA, ZIM and others through the ports of Gdynia, Gdansk (Poland), Chornomorsk, Odessa (Ukraine). 

Sea freight. Consolidation (partial LCL container) 

Consolidated cargoes are advantageous when shipping by sea includes several pallets of goods and it is not logical for you to order a separate container. Transportation of consolidated cargo is economical, additionally insured against possible damage and loss during transportation. We make customs clearance. 

Truck transportation of goods 

We provide the necessary trucks for the carriage of goods by road as directed by the customer. We also have the opportunity to take the goods to the address of the temporary storage warehouse (small consignments) for processing, storage, customs clearance and formalities for further delivery. 

Consolidated truck cargo. Delivery of cargoes. We make customs clearance. Consolidated cargo transportation in Europe and Asia. We are Logistics company, consolidated cargo of which passes constantly and without delay at low tariffs due to the high traffic turnover. 

Carriers of Ukraine provide uninterrupted automobile delivery of goods. We provide individual small-capacity cars of 1, 5, 10 tons, trucks of 20 tons, refrigerators with a temperature regime on demand. 

xport / import customs clearance in Ukraine 

Customs clearance (export / import customs clearance) of goods. Documentation of import, export customs clearance, sanitary inspections, certificate of origin, other special customs clearance services. 

Services of a customs broker in Ukraine for international cargo: filing an application for import and export of goods, inspection of goods and other services related to customs formalities, transit services without the direct presence of the customer.  

Special features and advantages of international freight transportation from TBN company 

Dangerous goods transportation to / from Ukraine 

International transportation of dangerous goods to / from Ukraine. Transport provided for delivery meets all international requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods to / from Ukraine. For the transportation of dangerous goods by air, TBN Company has permission for transport dangerous goods - Certificate of the State Aviation Administration with the right to work with general cargo and special cargo, including dangerous goods, by the company’s IATA certified agent. (Certificates No. AB 0093; No. DG UA-49274; No. TCGP-5705241862; No. CI-160386). Transportation of dangerous goods by road is provided after determining the security risks for the Customer. 

utomobile transportation of dangerous goods to / from Ukraine. Class 1: Explosives. Class 2: Gas (compressed, dissolved, liquefied). Class 3: Highly flammable liquids and mixtures. Class 4: Highly flammable. substances and materials that can catch fire during transportation (during friction, shaking). Class 5: Substances that are capable of releasing oxygen and sustaining combustion. Class 6: Toxic, infectious substances. Class 7: Radioactive Substances. Class 8: Corrosive substances. Class 9: Other hazardous materials. 

The specialist consultant organizes the process according the rules for the transport of dangerous goods 

Dual-use goods 

Transportation of goods of dual or military purpose. The specialist will determine the cost of transportation, customs clearance, the necessary permits for the transport of goodsof dual-use, military purpose will quickly calculate your request. With the correct execution of all documents and compliance with the rules of customs control, dual-use goods can be transported across the border. The exporting country must provide all certificates and licenses confirming the quality characteristics of the goods and compliance with the codes, and the importing country must, in turn, submit all documents that confirm the fair use of the goods, materials, technologies, equipment and other things. 

Air freight

Sea freight

Freight trucking

Customs clearance

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