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Swissport gives new opportunities to cargo owners

Swissport brings new opportunities to cargo owners in 2021


Swissport has signed a 7-day rent for two vantage terms near the airport Vidnya. Attached warehouses with an area of ​​8000 sq. A part of the Deutsche Logistik "SkyLog park Vienna" holding near the Fishamend region and allow Swissport to expand its business activities at the Vidnya airport.

The news of the week proposes wide warehouses and offices right in the center of the industrial zone and increases the warehouse pressure by 50 hryvnias, so that Swissport can make its part in forwarding operations. There is a great investment for another friend at the Vidnyi visit to the warehouse with direct access to the asphalt pavement right in the Vydensky airport in the middle of 2019.

Completion of the weekday work is planned for the fourth quarter of the city, if the operation will be moved from 4600 sq. M. Cargo Nord Object 10. Swissport Vіdnі todі will operate two suprasuchasnі ob'єkti.

“Unimportant on the post-wikliks of the Holy Aviation, the vantage crews have grown up and have already reached the date of 2019. Our business at Vidny is also friendly and growing. We write to our team there and tell us about our new warehouse. "

For the period of time before the larger area and operational passages, it will be supplied with a new facility and a remote center, new ones will be able to reach the miraculous ecological indicators, for example, the power of the ground-based power supply batteries.

At the fall of leaves 2020, Swissport has opened a warehouse for the vantage and screw transport and the Pharmaceutical Center with an area of ​​17,000 sq. M., And recently I opened a new administrative building in Brussels, de-facto reconstruction of a warehouse with an area of ​​25,000 sq. M with 47 vantage views.

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