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TBN company provides professional services to customers through a network of international cargo air delivery agents to almost any country: (Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia).

Why it’s reasonable to make air transportation with TBN company

TBN team is a team of specialists with wide experience in worldwide transportation. We make the delivery of goods to the further destinations of the world. Airfreight is a significant part of our work. Development of flight plan, product downloads, cargo insurance, preparation of trade documents for passing customs and other preparatory work – all this and much more makes employees of TBN, trying to facilitate air transportation of your goods and make it safe as much as possible.

Working with us is profitable and convenient. We carry a full range of services to support the carriage of goods by air. Our fees are always differentiated and depend on many factors and conditions of shipping.

We can offer our customers four kinds of air transport:

1. Economy – delivery on the principle of "longer, but cheaper." Delivery time is 6-10 days. If you have time, it's a good way to save on transportation of cargo. Quality of service and the control of cargo is maintained at the proper level.

2. Standard – type of delivery, in which organically combines the delivery time (up to 4 days) and cost.

3. Premium – express delivery 24/7 for urgent or valuable goods. The goods can be sent on premium conditions on your request. The service requires special status of air cargo, involving some of the privileges associated with the transportation process. For example, the docking of flights involved in the transportation will be much easier and more convenient. Thus, the premium freight requires aircraft to depart from the airport only when it took on premium cargo overboard. That is, the delay in the transfer of the cargo on board will impact on the schedule of departure vessel.

4. Charter – transportation of large or oversized cargo by air. The charter flights are not regular. When ordering air charter, flight fully adapts to the needs of the customer. Thus, the plane will take off exactly on time, flight route is laid individually and all important moments for the charter organization are calculating in advance.

Our company develops individual charging system for each customer and offers a variety of profitable cooperation programs.

For more info about the air delivery cost and about best routes please contact our manager

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Advantages of transportation by air:

  • Goods are delivered in a very short time.
  • Loads are protected better and are subject to fewer potential problems (with the help of air transportation can transport also dangerous goods).
  • Cargo can be delivered almost anywhere in the world (including countries where the delivery of goods in other ways is problematic or impossible).
  • Upon delivery by air cargo has insurance against damage and loss.

Freights are carried in passenger aircrafts and cargo flights, that allows you to choose the best option for the price and date of delivery. An extensive partner network provides a unique opportunity to develop the shortest and most convenient route and offer the best tariff for cargo delivery.

Categories of air cargo:

  • General
  • Dangerous
  • Valuables
  • Perishable
  • Heavy or large
  • Requiring urgent delivery within a short time

On the cost of the service affects a lot of factors, the main of which are:

  • type of cargo, its volume and dimensions
  • the urgency of the order
  • the need for legal support at all stages of transportation
  • cargo insurance

At all stages of the international air delivery a qualified specialist constantly monitors the process of transportation, carefully captures all sorts of inaccuracies and adjust it. But in this process customer assistance is important –on the correctness and accuracy of documents filling depends how quickly and efficiently will operate the company's employees. The joint cooperation will be the key to successful logistics project.

International air delivery is carried on the following schemes: "Airport-Airport", "door to door" or other form convenient for the customer. We guarantee quality of service, timeliness of delivery, the safety of cargo. Optimal logistics solutions for air delivery of goods will provide the speed and reliability of air cargo and will allow the customer to save money by choosing the optimal tariff.

Accurate and detailed calculation of logistics helps to solve effectively the most difficult problems associated with international air cargo. The company takes responsibility for the safety of goods, timely delivery and fulfillment of all conditions of the contract, guarantees professional air transportation.

Our customer can get the necessary advice in matters of customs legislation, rules and conditions for international air transportation, namely:

  • Conducting foreign shipper preliminary negotiations with a view of harmonizing the issues of the forthcoming international transportation;
  • Customs clearance in the country of origin;
  • Delivery of goods from the warehouse of the shipper to the warehouse of the airport of departure;
  • Handling and marking of goods in the airport of departure;
  • Selection of the optimal route of transportation;
  • Organization of the international air transportation on the basis of speed, guarantee the integrity of delivery, optimum cost.

Upon arrival of goods to the Airport in Ukraine, we provide the following services:

  • Customs clearance of import and transit of goods;
  • Cargo handling at the destination airport;
  • Placing of goods in a bonded warehouse;
  • Delivery of goods by road or by air transport across the territory of Ukraine within 24 hours of arrival.

Cargo insurance is carried out on the whole route.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) air transportation occupy 35% of all international traffic. Also IATA report for the 2015 showed that the percentage of air cargo grew by 5.3% in the world. This figure exceeded all forecasts of the Association. Air cargo transportation shows a constant upward trend. This means that the popularity of air transport is increasing, remaining been the fastest shipping method.

Today, products airfreight has become one of the most standardized and regulated industries. Rules of air transportation of cargoes fully regulate the procedure for air delivery in terms of their safety and punctuality performance.

Compliance with all international standards and rules of air transportation of goods is obligatory and very important task for the execution of which must be taken extremely professional carrier. International transport company TBN company knows how to conduct air transport cargo safely and on time.

Exports from Ukraine. Air delivery for export is carried out through the international airport Boryspil. Your goods can be in any part of Ukraine. We will organize its transportation to the airport, customs clearance procedures at the airport, book and send with the best price and terms of the delivery. Deliveries can be made to the airport in country of arrival or, if necessary, we can arrange delivery DOOR to DOOR, with the cargo customs clearance in the destination country.

Import to Ukraine. Imports by air are also carried out through the Boryspil airport. Depending on the conditions of the goods delivery we can arrange collection of goods at a warehouse of the sender, customs services and air delivery to Ukraine (delivery on Ex-works terms) its customs clearance in Boryspil and delivery to any point in Ukraine.