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Customs Brokerage Services

  TBN company provides a full range of customs services, customs clearance of goods for import and export of any type of product to any country in the world.

You can get a free consultation from our customs broker

  Customs broker is a professional specialist. Without their services international transportations of goods are almost impossible to do. The tasks of the customs broker are quite specific. Lack of awareness about the nuances of the broker work leads to the fact that companies are trying to avoid attracting him, thinking to save on his services. As a result, if the cargo was registrated not in a correct way, the costs can be much higher than if you use the services of a customs broker.

  TBN Company organizes transportation of various goods for more than 8 years. Communication with the customs authorities is a common thing for our specialists. We are faced with a multitude of issues of customs clearance and we can definitely say that the work with the state bodies of any country isn't easy task. Registration of sending and receiving cargo requires endurance, focus, patience and, above all, the actual knowledge of legislation and ways of its application. Each customs clearance may involve several schemes, where one will be much more financial profitable then the other. About this and many other customs broker knows.

  Transport company TBN company provides customs brokerage services on a contractual basis. The broker is authorized to represent the client in the customs and in the commission of the operations for customs clearance of goods and vehicles. Customs broker is the person responsible for the whole procedure of customs clearance. He carries important functions:

  • cargo declaration, preparation of CCD (Cargo Customs Declaration) and other related documents;
  • presentation of the declared goods;
  • providing the customs authorities with the necessary documents and additional information;
  • other operations.


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The benefits of the customs cooperation with TBN:

1. Experience. 8 years of successful work at the international transport market give us the right to consider ourselves experts in this field and confidently declare our readiness to undertake the customs clearance of any cargo.
2. The wide range of products. We deal with all types of cargo declaration, whether bulk cargo, equipment, machinery, building materials, or artwork, medications and medical equipment, food, plants or animals. We know how to work with each category of cargo.
3. The reasonable cost of the service. We are customer-oriented company and try to choose the most optimal price conditions for the customer and for us.
4. Speed. Prompt work of the customs broker is one of his duties. Compliance with the terms of registration - unshakable principle of our work. We guarantee a quality broker services with the least time-consuming.
5. Trust and reputation. Our clients trust us and recommend as a reliable customs broker and the carrier. Professional Reputation is very important for us and we do our best to preserve it and to reaffirm.
   Transport company TBN - reliable and responsible customs broker in Kiev and we can help you to run your business