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Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo provides discounts for Qatar Development Bank customers of product exporters

The discount is provided for air transportation of general cargo. Not applicable to dangerous goods.

Guillaume Halle, who heads Qatar Airways, said: “Through this agreement, we are delighted to support local Qatari manufacturers. We will help expand the reach and availability of their products in international markets. We will provide charter flights as well. "

Hamad Salem Mejeger, Chief Executive Officer at QDB said: “We maintain a strong strategic relationship with Qatar Airways based on common goals and understanding. This is reflected in our many bilateral initiatives, and this agreement is the product of a synergistic partnership that we are confident will open up new global markets and broader horizons for Qatari products than ever before. Moreover, it will also help reduce export costs and complement our ongoing efforts to support export development at the bank. ”

More than 350 Qatari exporters of QDB customers will receive discounts on Qatar Airways Cargo flights. More and more Qatar manufacturers enter the international market

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